Organic Pod

Embrace a sustainable and rewarding connection to nature

With the Organic Pod, an innovative electroculture system crafted from 100% natural, FSC-certified wood. Ditch the plastic and chemicals and harness the power of nature to enjoy vibrant, homegrown produce right on your countertop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Imagine whispering secrets to your plants…secrets that unlock hidden superpowers! That’s what electroculture is all about. By harnessing the Earth’s natural electric and magnetic forces, electroculture helps your plants sprout faster, grow taller, and yield more delicious bounty. It’s like giving them a cosmic power-up, without any fancy gadgets or harmful chemicals.

This innovative approach goes beyond traditional methods by mimicking the invigorating effects of post-storm rain, channeling beneficial ion exchange through a copper spiral within your Organic Pod. This creates a microenvironment where your plants thrive, allowing them to unlock their full potential in a sustainable and chemical-free manner.

The Organic Pod isn’t just about growing plants; it’s about cultivating a connection with nature, and that’s where wood shines. It’s not just a material, it’s a living, breathing partner in your plant-growing journey. Here’s why:
1.Natural watering: Wood absorbs and releases moisture, preventing overwatering and keeping your plants happy.
2.Healthy roots: Strategic slits promote oxygen flow, preventing root rot and fostering vibrant growth.
3.Sustainable choice: Wood is a renewable resource, and FSC certification ensures responsible forestry.
4.Unique beauty: Natural variations and cracks add rustic charm, celebrating nature’s individuality.
5.Partner in growth: As your plants thrive, the wood may develop subtle cracks, indicating it’s nurturing their needs.
Wood isn’t just a material; it’s a living partner in your plant-growing journey.

  • Salad Essentials: Lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula – grow fresh, homegrown salads bursting with flavor.
  • Herb Haven: Basil, thyme, parsley, oregano – bring the aroma and taste of fresh herbs to your kitchen.
  • Rooty Rewards: Beets, carrots, radishes – harvest crisp, tender roots for delicious meals.
  • Summer Sensations: Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers – enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own summer favorites.
  • Sweet Treats: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – savor the sweetness of homegrown berries, fresh from your Pod.
  • The possibilities don’t stop there! Explore other low to medium-root depth plants like:
  • Beans & Peas: Green beans, snap peas, snow peas – add protein and variety to your meals.
  • Swiss Chard: A vibrant leafy green with a mild flavor, perfect for stir-fries or salads.
  • Ornamental Flowers: Pansies, violas, marigolds – add a touch of color and beauty to your Pod.
  • 100% wood pot
  • Basaltic lava granel
  • Copper spiral
  • Soil

Everything is pretty easy:

  • Put the Organic Pod into 2-3cm of water for 30 minutes.
  • Cover 90% of the pot with soil and moisturise the soil with extra water.
  • Plant the seeds you choose.
  • Cover the seeds with the leftover soil .
  • Put the Organic Pod onto the base pad.
  • Put the copper spiral in the middle of the pod.

1. Self motivation
A gardener’s self motivation comes from working towards a good yield.
Stress relief
Gardening can help reduce the level of stress hormone Cortisol.
3. Sense of purpose
Gardening gives you a sense of purpose. It’s a way to care for something and nurture it from a tiny seed up to a large plant.

The Organic Pod isn't just about what you grow; it's about how you grow

Fresher, Tastier Salads

Harvest crisp lettuce, spinach, and kale for vibrant, homegrown salads bursting with flavor.

Aromatic Herbs on Demand

Basil, thyme, and parsley flourish, infusing your kitchen with delicious scents and readily available ingredients.

Juicy Berries and Crunchy Veggies

Strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, and beans thrive in the Organic Pod’s nurturing environment, offering you the satisfaction of homegrown bounty.

Cat Grass provides roughage that aids digestion and elimination. Cats that eat grass routinely may have more regular gastrointestinal tracts, fewer hair balls, and less constipation. Plus the chlorophyll in grass helps keep a cat’s breath fresh!
AND with eco-friendly- OrganicPod it is 10 times better!

Ready to cultivate a healthier, tastier connection to nature?