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Eco Grill

59,00 AED75,00 AED


The Eco Grill is Latvian in origin, made of alder and filled with the highest quality alder charcoals and is obtained from sustainable sources.


The Eco Grill is Latvian in origin, made of alder and filled with the highest quality alder charcoal coals and is obtained from sustainable sources.

The Eco Grill is a Nordic way of burning tree stumps effectively now used for cooking, heating and smoking food. Due to its design, it maximizes the use of the charcoals within it and prolongs burning time giving over 2.5 hours grilling while the heat remains even, and up to 5 hours as a heat source.

You don’t need ignition fluid to ignite Eco Grill. There is eco fire starter element which allows setting fire just with one match, the Eco Grill is ready to use within 20 minutes of lighting as the charcoal burns out it burns the walls of the grill leaving no waste and what if anything there is left is biodegradable unlike your standard throw-away BBQ. The alder charcoal gives food a pleasant smoky aroma and taste. The only thing you are left with is Happy Memories.

The Eco Grill is 100% environmentally friendly. It is ideal for Picnics, the Beach, Hiking, Fishing, Camping and Caravanning as well as an open BBQ or an Independent fuel source for a BBQ grill or Campfire.

How to Use

  1. Remove the grill from packaging.
  2. Set up the grill on fire-safe and flat surface.
  3. Carefully ignite the burner, for example: – a long matchstick would suffice. Do NOT use gasoline or other similar and inadequate flammable fluid!
  4. The grill is ready to be used when the charcoal is covered in grey matter which happens about 20 minutes after the ignition. The grill and charcoal are produced fully from black-alder, which adds a pleasant smoke to the products that are being grilled. Keep water short at hand to avoid spreading the flames while you are using the grill.


Do NOT use the grill in areas that are not adequate for safe usage of open fire.

Do NOT put the grill on a surface that is easily flammable and is easily susceptible to both heat and fire.

Do NOT use gasoline or other similar and inadequate flammable fluid!

Do NOT attempt to use the grill a second time. The grill is disposable and usable only once the alder wood and charcoal used for Eco Grill is from Latvian forests. Specially selected for highest quality


All its parts are made of hardwood block, alder block with bark body of the grill is made of three parts, which consists of a cylindrical outer lateral wall, a flat cylindrical form floor (bottom), a cylindrical central part, which serves for the ignition of the fuel material (alder charcoal).


Due to its high carbon content is easily kindled, gives an even temperature of combustion and heat resistant for a long time. Non-volatile carbon content 88%, the ash content of 2.60%, the moisture content of 4.20%.

Ignition Element

Ignition element does not contain kerosene and formaldehyde. The brown ecological fire-lighter is a more environment-friendly type, is also odor- free and does not dry out, which provides it with an indefinite keeping quality. Nontoxic for man and animal. No carcinogenic substances. No explosive substances. Odor-free. Product does not vaporize.

EcoGrill Benefits:

The Ecogrill is used for cooking, frying, grilling, boiling or even to smoke food. The coal produced from alder ensure a robust smoky flavor and aroma to your food. The design of the grill is the maximum from the coal extracted and prolongs the heat spread to at least 2.5 hours. The EcoGrill is based on a Scandinavian way of fire. The EcoGrill is used for Outdoor:

– Safari – Alpine – Hiking – Fishing – Desert Trip – Steppe – Ice fishing – Beach – Seashore – Summer House – Camping Vacation – Caravan – Tents – Bike ride

The Eco Grill is certified by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).




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  1. yafatradingadmin

    Eco Grill brought a new level of ease to beach picnics in UAE. Ready in 20 minutes, no need for ignition fluid. I love it so much.

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