Swedish torch

Ditch the bulky logs,and embrace the brilliance.

The Yafa Trading Swedish Torch isn’t just a fire source; it’s a portal to unforgettable moments under the open sky. Crafted with meticulous precision from premium, low-moisture firewood, this eco-friendly powerhouse elevates your camping, fishing, and backyard adventures .

Light up your life, light up your memories, light up the Swedish Torch!

Long-lasting, controlled burn

Enjoy hours of warm, inviting light (up to 2 hours for the largest size!) – perfect for cooking, gathering around the flames, or simply basking in the natural glow.

Stable & Efficient Heat

Whip up delicious meals over the open flame or stay warm on chilly nights. The Swedish Torch’s efficient design ensures optimal heat distribution, keeping you toasty and comfortable.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing mere pounds, this compact wonder packs easily into any backpack or camping gear. Take the warmth and ambiance wherever your outdoor adventure leads.

The Swedish Torch is the perfect choice

High-quality, low-moisture firewood

Ensures optimal combustion and minimal smoke emission for a clean and enjoyable experience.

Precisely cut design

Creates a natural chimney effect, promoting efficient airflow and a sustained, steady flame

Convenient ignition

Includes one firelighter for effortless lighting, so you can spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the moment.

Invest in more than just a light source; invest in experiences.

The Swedish Torch is your gateway to unforgettable moments with loved ones and nature. Embrace the convenience, warmth, and simplicity it offers. Enjoy: